Wednesday, 15 August 2012

7 Things | Update

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So a little while ago I did the '7 Things' feature as started by Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter and thought I would update on how I'm getting on! I've really enjoyed the challenge and will definitely be doing it again as I really love having things to focus on!

Write – I wanted to update my blog regularly as I really enjoy writing and having my own little space out there. I haven't updated as much as I have wanted but I have jotted some ideas down which is a good step!
Eat – This is one of the things I've tried but failed at! I am making a meal plan for next week including lunches and the weekend (which is always where I go off track). I think this one is a 'work in progress'!

Exercise – As above, I haven't been doing anything more than usual but I today I in a couple of work out DVDs and I'm going to dust off the exercise bike tonight.

Visit – Due to illness, the planned trip to Essex didn't happen. We are going to see my partner's family at the end of the month instead - and we get to spend longer with them as it will be a bank holiday, bonus!

Make – Possibly my favourite 'thing' from the 7! I pottered round a couple of carboot sales and made a couple of purchases which I have customised to fit in with my home. I am being secretive as I have a post about it coming up.

Clean – I have made steady progress in the cleaning department! It's lovely going into a room that is clutter free. There are still a few areas that need some TLC though.

Learn – I've had so much fun looking at hair and beauty tutorials on YouTube, blogs and repinning ideas on Pinterest. I'm really enjoying trying new things and even purchased a bright lipstick at the weekend! I think I will make a post of my favourite 'how to' guides.

Buy – Hmm, this didn't really go to plan as we bought a new TV at the weekend but I have been looking at ideas for handmade presents and I have started to plan presents for everyone (except my Dad, why are Dads so hard to buy for?) to purchase soon.

Looking back at my goals, I haven't really made as much progress as I would have liked and still have some areas that are going to be part of a continuous goal. Plus I really enjoyed the '7 Things' feature as I really love making lists!
Do you have any goals you want to achieve? How do you stay on track?

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