Sunday, 29 July 2012

7 Things for 7 Days

The ‘7 Things for 7 Days’ feature is the wonderful idea of the lovely Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter. I discovered this when reading her blog and decided to join in myself. Louise’s original post can be found here. It’s Louise’s way of spreading a bit of positivity and making blogosphere a little bit more interactive. You can make any goals you like, big or small, serious or silly! I’m a bit geeky and enjoy making lists so this really appealed to me.  

Write – I am really enjoying blogging, I love having my own little space on the Internet to call my own! I want to keep a little time aside each day for writing posts, taking photographs and reading other blogs!

Eat – My little brother stayed at my house for the first week of the summer holidays and I made the most of having him here and had Pizza Hut and McDonalds…yummy but certainly not healthy. This week, I am aiming to eat healthily – plenty of homemade salads and meals.

Exercise – As above really, I want to get fit and lose weight/tone up. I am going for a spa day in September as part of my birthday celebrations and want to feel comfortable frolicking around in my swimsuit/robe combo!

Visit – My partner and I are going to visit his family next weekend, it’s a 4 hour drive from here on the boring motorway but it will be worth it so see everyone.

Make – I have some craft bits sitting around in a box that are crying out to be used, I am planning on making something I can hang on the currently bare looking wall in the living room.

Clean – There are a few odd jobs around the house that I need to stop complaining about and actually do, they won’t take long and I should stop making excuses and do them!

Learn – Despite being a bit of a beauty lover, I’m still very much a beginner when it comes to applying makeup and styling my hair. I’m in a bit of a rut so I’m going to head to the fountain of knowledge that is YouTube and get some inspiration/tips!
Buy – I love Christmas but it’s a super expensive for me, not only do I have presents to buy, there are a few birthdays in December to buy for too. If I start shopping now, I will have spread the cost and hopefully won’t have to do a mad dash round the shops on 24th!

So that's my list of objectives, some are long term, some are quite fun but overall I think they are all achievable. I am looking forward to having something to focus on and look forward to updating next week!

 Do you have any goals you want to achieve?


Friday, 27 July 2012

Going for Gold, Silver and Bronze!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will know that today is the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony. In true British spirit, I shall be watching it on TV, drinking a cheeky Pimms and Lemonade from a Union Jack paper cup (left over from the Jubilee – think I went a little mad for the flag). I’m not a huge sports fan but I shall be tuning in to see the ceremony and will watch the Gymnastics (and I probably will be forced to sit through hours of other events courtesy of my partner)! As expected, many brands have jumped on the Olympic bandwagon so I decided I would share a few of my favourite sporting souvenirs with you.

First we have this creatively named Lily Lolo If Eye Were a Winner 3-Piece Eye Shadow Kit – a pretty box adorned with the London skyline which contains gold, silver and bronze eye colours. I really like Lily Lolo products and at £10 it’s gold from me!

If you’re like me and prefer eating to athletics, this tea towel from BOUF is for you. It is part of the Alternative Athlete range and has a unique 'fry up' version of the usual 5 rings and sports (get it?!) the slogan ‘Eat for Great Britain’ – it certainly made me chuckle!

For those who like to be patriotic and practical, this umbrella from Topshop is perfect. The umbrella sports (get it?!) graphics of various London attractions. There is also this cool tshirt which has a map of Victorian London print.  
Have you come across any interesting Olympic themed finds? Will you be watching the Opening Ceremony and events or be trying to hide from it all?

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Nom Nom NEOM | NEOM Organics Mini Haul

I’ve heard a lot about this company recently – they sell a range of home fragrance, bath and body products including candles, room sprays and bath oils. NEOM take pride in the fact that they use natural, organic ingredients which also double up as holistic treatments as the products contain high amounts of essential oils. The website even has a handy ‘Perfect Scent Challenge’ quiz where you select a few options to help you find your perfect fragrance.

Tranquillity: Organic Bath & Shower Oil - £32
Taking a bath is one of my favourite ways to relax, I usually use bath bombs or traditional bubble bath but I wanted to try something a little more luxurious and grown up! Tranquillity is an English Lavender with Sweet Basil & Jasmine fragrance – which smells deep and relaxing yet fresh.  According to the description on the website, “each bath oil is designed to give you a specific treatment, creating your very own bath spa” and is made from 70% certified organic ingredients and 30% essential oils.
This oil is amazing, I only needed a tiny amount in my bath (which is good as it means the bottle will last quite a long time) and not only did it smell divine; the bathroom and rest of the house did too! When I got out I didn’t need to moisturise my body as my skin felt so soft. You can also apply this to your body before a shower but I haven't dared to try this as my shower is really slippy and I'm not sure adding oil to the mix would be a wise move! The bottle is made from glass so it can be recycled when you’re finished although I’m not sure I will be able to part with as it is super pretty. I’ve even bought the Complete Bliss Moroccan Bliss Rose Bath Oil for my partner’s Mum for her birthday next month!
Sensuous Organic Hand Wash and Hand Lotion - £17 and £18

Although some of you may think that hand wash and lotion is rather boring, I enjoy trying different brands in my guest bathroom to pamper any visitors I have! The hand wash contains Chamomile Flower,  Aloe Leaf Juice and Apricot Fruit Extract and smells divine and isn’t drying like some washes. The lotion is enriched with vitamins A&E packed Macadamia Nut Oil, Shea Butter, Pomegranate and Rosemary Leaf and leave my hands feeling really nourished. Both these products smell amazing and help make a relatively mundane task seem a little bit more luxurious!
Invigorate: Home Candle -£39.50

My favourite of the bunch! I find it really soothing to have candles lit but I have only ever used boring supermarket/Ikea candles before which are fine but I always end up a little disappointed as I find they burn unevenly and lack any real scent. NEOM candles are made using essential oils and vegetable wax rather than man made products. This means that they are healthy to burn as they do not give off soot or any pollutants. As these candles melt, the oils gather in a little pool and work as a holistic treatment as you breathe them in. Invigorate is probably my favourite scent – it is fresh, zesty and smells deliciously citrus which is no surprise as it is a blend of lime, grapefruit and bergamot. I really like this candle as it has 3 wicks and burns evenly unlike single wick candles. I have lit this candle around 4 evenings and still have long way to go as it has a burn time of up to 50 hours. The directions state it is best to light the candles for 2 – 4 hours at a time. 
Overall I am very impressed with NEOM Organics as not only are the products made from excellent quality ingredients which all work AND smell heavenly, the packaging is really pretty and I think the products are great value for money. These products are great as a little treat to add something special to everyday or as a gift for a special someone.  I especially like the blooms printed on the box, quote cards that are written on the candle boxes and little cards inside – I always find that the little touches make all the difference! NEOM products are available to buy from the website, here.
Have you ever tried any NEOM Organics products? How do you make your everyday a little more special?

Friday, 20 July 2012

Friday I'm In Love

(Found via Pinterest)

I decided to take inspiration today from one of my favourite songs – Friday I’m In Love by The Cure. An oldie but a goodie! I have decided that I would make Friday’s blog post a place where I can compile a list of things I’ve stumbled upon this week – and of course loved!
First up is this bargain-tastic dress from Forever 21. I love the rusty/apricot colour and bird print and imagine it would be flattering as I have a curvy figure. I practically live in dresses and think this will go well with tights and a cardigan/blazer in winter (or right now as the weather is rubbish!) or bare legs and some pretty sandals for warmer days! Not bad for under £20!
Next up is this fabulously unique ring. I don’t usually look at Topshop as my local store isn’t great, but they have some really pretty accessories on the website at the  minute. This ring stood out to me because it reminds me of summer holidays to Turkey with my family when I was younger – I remember seeing pretty blue eyes hung in hotels and restaurants to ward off the ‘evil eye’! Also, I think I would chuckle every time I saw this on my digits!
Last on my list is this, the Stila In The Moment eyeshadow palette – I have seen a few Stila palettes reviewed on other people’s blogs and they look great quality. I especially like this one as it has really pretty neutrals and comes with a Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Tetra which is described as “a deep shimmery purple” which I think would make my green eyes look great! I think it's a great price at £25 and would even make a lovely present.
I’m spending the weekend visiting my family as I haven’t been home for a few weeks now so I’m really looking forward to getting up to mischief with my little brother and catching up with my parents and grandparents!
What is on your ‘love list’ at the moment? Have you got plans for the weekend?

Thursday, 19 July 2012

In the Nude | NUDE Moisture Balance

I was looking for a new moisturiser when I stumbled across NUDE Moisture Balance. I had never heard of the brand but after a quick google, learnt “NUDE is a luxury, natural, high performance skincare brand which works intelligently with the skin to correct the signs of ageing.” As I am only in my early 20s, ageing is not a big concern of mine but I figured that it wouldn’t hurt to try it, also I like trying out different brands – especially those who use natural ingredients.

Moisture Balance has a creamy; slightly gel like consistency and the ingredients include liquorice, white laminaria seaweed as well as prebiotics, probiotics and hyaluronic acid. These ingredients are said help to balance, smooth and firm the skin. The packaging is a long, smooth, beige/pinky colour tube with a removable lid and pump nozzle – I prefer this to a jar as I think it is more hygienic and keeps the product fresher for longer.

I’ve been using this product for a fortnight and so far, so good! I am pleased with the results as I have combination skin and find it hard to balance my oily t-zone with the drier areas of my face.  I use this product after cleansing my face and although it soaks into my skin pretty fast, I do leave 5 minutes after application before I apply makeup as it leaves a slightly sticky residue. I have noticed that when I use this I don’t get shiny as soon as I would usually. One negative I have about this product is that I am not a huge fan of the smell – to me it has a very floral, rose scent which I personally don’t like.

I would definitely recommend this product to those with normal to oily skin, as I felt it gave me a nice fresh feeling base. Although I don’t have any wrinkles just yet, I can see how this product would work well for those that have crow’s feet and laughter lines as I did feel a slight firming effect.
Moisture Balance is available costs £46 for 40ml and is available to buy from BeautyBay or the NUDE Skincare website here.

Have you used any NUDE products? What is your favourite moisturiser?

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Elastic Fantastic | Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer

I wanted to try Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer after hearing my hairdresser rave about it, so when I noticed that they now sold a range of sizes, I couldn't resist trying it.

According to the Phillip Kingsley, this product was created for Audrey Hepburn which excited me further. The product is suitable for all hair types and they claim that after just one application, this product provides elasticity (hence the name!) makes hair shiny, bouncy, contains protection against UV and helps to prolong colour, as I have coloured hair which is prone to dry ends that aren’t in the best condition so I had very high hopes for this product!

The Elasticizer is an ‘intensive, super-moisturising’pre-shampoo treatment, whose ingredients include Castor Seed Oil and Olive Husk Oil. I was interested to see what it would do to my greasy roots! The directions recommend those with finer hair use the treatment sparingly on the ends and mid-lengths, I followed this advice rather that applying all over my head. The treatment is a white, silky cream which smoothed onto my hair easily. It is also fragrance free which was nice as I sometimes find hair treatments a bit overpowering when they are perfumed.

After application I donned a plastic cap and watched Corrie for 20 minutes before rinsing, shampooing and conditioning my hair with my usual products. (The pack recommends using the appropriate Phillip Kingsley Shampoo, Conditioner and Scalp Toner – unfortunately I didn't have these products).

I am really pleased with the results – my hair feels soft and nourished but without any build up. My damaged ends look smoother and healthier and the mid-lengths feel thicker and fuller. As I colour my hair, I  would use this product once a week to keep it in tip top condition. Overall, I recommend this to those who have coloured or dry hair or those who feel like their hair needs a nourishing treat!

I would buy this again, I paid £7.25 for the 40ml size and will probably get another treatment from this as my hair is about bra strap length (technical description!), I feel this is pretty good value for money.

You can pick up Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer from the website here - prices start from £3.70 for 20ml. 

Have you ever tried this product? What treatments do you use on your hair?


Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A New Leaf...

(I love this inspirational quote! Found via Pinterest)
Hello Petals!
Welcome to Little White Rose! I have been a huge fan of the blogging community for a while now and decided to give it a whirl myself. I plan on writing about a whole range of topics such as beauty, crafts, fashion and life in general.
I hope my posts will inspire you to create, try out and explore things that you wouldn't usually.
So sit back, relax and join me on this wonderfully, exciting adventure!