Friday, 3 August 2012

Down and Dirty | Dirty Works Review

I stumbled across Dirty Works products while doing my weekly shop. I immediately dismissed the products as I thought they were a cheaper, rip off version of Soap and Glory products which I am a big fan of. However, the next time I was in Sainsburys, I noticed that the products were on offer and couldn’t resist trying a few products.


All of a Lather Body Wash
I chose this product because I was in need of a new shower gel , I had a cheeky sniff of it before I popped it in my trolley and was pleased to find it was a subtle, fresh and slightly sweet scent. It contains coffee and lemongrass extract, however this product didn’t smell like either to my nostrils! The body wash lathered well and left me feeling satisfyingly fresh. I would buy this again if I needed it or saw it on a good offer but it’s not going to be a regular on my shopping list.


Bare Necessity Body Lotion
I bought this purely because it contains shea butter, cocoa butter and Vitamin E, products I am familiar with and recognise for being good for hydrating your skin. I used this lotion after my shower using the above body wash and found it took quite a long time to absorb. This wasn’t a problem for me as I usually use body lotion before bed so it had time to soak in while I brushed my teeth. What surprised me most about this product was the heavy fragrance – it had a nice smell but I wouldn’t recommend it for times when you want to wear a spritz of perfume. Although it’s not a ‘must have’ product of mine, I would repurchase as it did leave my skin soft and smooth plus my partner said I “smelt nice” (ever the charmer!) which is a bonus.

Supreme Cream Body Butter
The ingredients in this body butter include shea butter, soybean and sweet almond oil. It has a thick, creamy texture similar to other brands of body butters. It absorbed quite fast and left my skin feeling smooth pretty much instantly. I use this after my shower on a morning on days where I need moisturising and don’t want to wear perfume. Although the scent isn’t as strong as the body lotion, it is definitely noticeable. It is a pleasant, sweet fragrance which I really liked. Overall, I think this is my favourite product out of the three. I will definitely be making another purchase when I run out.
Dirty Works has quite a large range of products including make up brushes, nail accessories, tweezers and beauty bags as well as bath, body and face care products. There’s even a manicure set in the range that would be a lovely little stocking filler.

I am really pleased with the products are good quality with pretty vintage style packaging. I would say they are a good alternative to Soap and Glory products. You can either buy Dirty Works items online or in your local Sainsburys store. I will definitely be picking up some more products the next time I go shopping!

Have you ever tried any Dirty Works products?



  1. I haven't tried them but I'm a sucker for vintage packaging :)

    Tanesha x

  2. Haven't tried them but they look really good!

    Check out my blog and follow me back?


  3. I was really surprised with how much I liked the products, they're easily as good quality as Soap and Glory but at a fraction of the price!

    Let me know if you try them